Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What chemicals are used in oil and gas operations?
Answer: There are many chemicals used in oil and gas operations that assist with protection against corrosion and scaling, control of microbes, H2S mitigation and treatment for emulsions and the oil itself. Our consultants will work with you to develop the ultimate strategy that meets your project needs and goals.


Question: How are your chemicals tested and analyzed before they arrive?
Answer: At Flatirons Production Chemical Services, we have developed a robust in-house quality assurance program that ensures the quality and, specifications of all of our chemicals. We use a data-driven approach to create custom blends that meet and, exceed expectations even in the harshest conditions.


Question: What are oilfield chemicals?
Answer: Oilfield chemicals are a necessary part of any successful oilfield drilling project. These chemicals offer superior protection against the breakdown of oil and emulsions while stabilizing drilling in an environment with adverse pressure and temperature characteristics.


Question: What is fracking water treatment?
Answer: Water used in fracking operations requires the addition of several chemicals and other materials. Treating this water is essential in reducing the environmental risk and must be carefully managed according to the specifications of the project.


Question: What do you do with produced water?
Answer: Oilfield drilling creates a lot of produced water. Depending on the quality of the water, treatment may be necessary to reduce the environmental impact. Produced water can be used in several ways, including to further the drilling project or for disposal through direct injection.