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Increase Production
Reduce Cost
Flatirons Chemicals offers a full service suite of cradle to grave Oilfield Chemical Services to the Oil and Gas Industry. Our team of skilled Oilfield Chemicals Services professionals, put high value on the use of data and science to producing more energy, more responsibly, while reducing expenses.
Chemical Services
Done Right
Flatirons Production Chemicals Services Program is Well Tailored. Each region within an Oil and Gas Formation can be unique. Flatirons Chemicals custom approach to the Oilfield Production Chemical Services industry, ensures that the right blend of Production Chemicals is being used, tailored to that specific Oil Production System.

Corrosion & Scaling Protection

Flatirons Custom Oilfield Chemical Services Program is better for your equipment, better for your budget and conscientious of our environment.

Microbial Control

Our Production Chemical Services program includes monitoring treatment of microbes to increase pipe integrity and prevent well souring.

H2S Mitigation

At Flatirons Chemicals human safety is our top priority and we spare no expense when addressing safety. Mitigating H2S keeps our staff, clients and vendors safe.

Emulsion Treatments

Flatirons is here to help you meet your oil production goals. Our emulsion treatments remove and disperse water to meet crude specifications.

A Full Service Oilfield Supply Company

Flatirons Chemicals provides a comprehensive solution for the life cycle management of all assets in the oil and gas industry. As an experienced oilfield services company, we focus on exceptional customer service, providing the oil and gas production chemicals that are tailored to maximize production, increase efficiency, and provide a cost-effective solution for your drilling needs.

A leading oil and gas production chemicals service provider, we believe in matching the right production chemicals with specific customization to optimize any oil production system. Our team of highly experienced experts provide advanced oilfield services that begin with a consultation and end with a unique strategy to provide the production chemicals needed throughout the life cycle of the asset.

Working With Our Customers

Flatirons Chemicals is not just an oilfield supply company. We are a recognized proprietary production chemical development company with the ability to manufacture the ideal blend of oilfield chemicals to address the challenges faced by our customers.

As a top oilfield service provider, we have the real-world experience to partner with our customers to understand the requirements of each project fully. We provide testing and analysis to develop a custom solution that pinpoints the formulation needed to overcome any adverse conditions.

Unlike other oil and gas chemical suppliers, we work closely with our customers to fully implement our solutions. Our teams boast over three years without a recordable incident, and we are focused on safety for all involved.

Complete Life Cycle Support

In our role as your oilfield service provider, we offer a full spectrum of production chemicals and services. After we complete the implementation of our solutions, we continue to maintain and monitor the system, providing reporting to keep you informed. We are also available for problem remediation if your current solutions are ineffective or slowing down production.

When you need the best in oilfield chemicals companies, turn to the experienced professionals at Flatirons Chemicals.

About us

On Shore Oil and Gas Production Chemicals Services Provider

Flatirons Production Chemicals Services provides full spectrum oilfield production chemicals and services to the entire life-cycle of your producing oil well system. We have had the most success working side by side with our customers to develop Oilfield Production Technology, Production Chemistry, and Oil and Gas Industry services that provide a leading-edge advantage, maximizing Oil and Gas Production while minimizing operating expenses. Beginning with a thorough consultation, we can quickly begin to identify a strategy designed specifically for your application.

Flatiron Chemicals Services is a proud partner of Flatirons Field Services, which specializes in greenfield midstream project development across the Rockies, including projects in North Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado and Flatirons Midstream. Flatirons Midstream, which was constructed and operates through 1804 Ltd “The Spring Brook System”, located outside of the town of Williston in Williams County, ND. Spring Brook comprises gas gathering, processing, and gas lift service for producers in the Williston Basin.


You can be confident that our team is committed to excellence, delivering only the best in Custom Oil & Gas Production Chemicals. There is no one size fits all. Your Oilfield Production Chemical program will be custom tailored to suit your Oil & Gas assets.


Flatirons Chemical Services has an amazing reputation in the Oil and Gas Industry.

You will never have to make that call. We take pride in owning the job, seeing the job through, putting the customer first.


Safety of our Employees, Clients, Vendors are a top concern. Flatirons Chemical Services maintains an A rating with the ISNetworld and have not had a recordable incident in over 3+ years.

Our services

Flatirons Chemicals provides full spectrum Production Chemical Services to the entire life cycle of your asset. We have had the most success working side by side with our customers to develop technology, chemistry, and services that provide a leading-edge advantage, maximizing production while minimizing operating expenses. Beginning with a thorough consultation, we can quickly begin to identify a strategy designed specifically for your application.

Full Service Oil & Gas Production Chemicals

Operating assets all have their unique dynamics requiring an “Improvise and Adapt” mindset. Our “Well Tailored” approach to the Production Chemical Services industry maximizes production in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

  • Corrosion Treatment
  • Scale and Deposit Control
  • Microbial Control
  • Oil Treatment
  • H2S Mitigation
  • Emulsion Control

Mobile Frac Water Treatment

Our patented fully automated mobile frac water treatment unit has been developed to treat, verify treatment, and log the effectiveness of the treatment to ensure the water quality specifications are met.

  • Frac Water Treatment
  • PetroChlor
  • Frac Water Additives
  • On-site Mobile Services

Designed for Safety

We have developed two bulk chemicals - our Buffered Caustic Soda is designed for the safety of employees, and our proprietary gel-breaker, which has been developed to work downhole when you need it. Both chemicals are manufactured by Flatirons Chemicals and can be delivered to our clients.

  • Logistics
  • Manufactured to order
  • Delivery
  • Bulk Ordering

Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

When there is an issue related to your Producing Oil Well System it can be costly, slowing or even stopping production. Our team of highly skilled Oil & Gas Industry Engineers and Professionals are on call to help solve your issue and get your Oil & Gas production system back online by investigating, testing, solution development and implementation.

  • Well Investigation
  • Water Testing
  • Solution Development
  • Implementation
  • Monitor and Assess
  • Project management

How we work

We do the research  and use the data 

Flatirons Chemicals has developed a full suite of products and services to increase production while lowering expenses. As a proprietary production chemical developer, we work to blend and develop oilfield chemical solutions to the specific needs of our clients. We have the tools and resources to develop, deliver and test production chemicals for all weather conditions, industrial applications, and operational scenarios. By researching and understanding the varying oilfield operating conditions in different regions, we can formulate our oilfield chemical products to perform in a number of adverse conditions, specifically temperatures below -20 deg. F.

Discovery and Testing

Through client discovery, data collection and onsite testing, we do the research upfront to understand the project requirements.    

Solution Development

In tandem with our in-house engineer, it is time to analyze all of the data and information to create a Custom Production Chemicals Service Program.


Our highly trained technicians will set up and deliver product to the service site. They are hazmat certified and have an amazing track record of safety.

Maintain and Monitor

We are going to monitor and maintain systems at your service sites to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We even provide reporting to prove it.


Flatirons Production Chemical services program is built to serve you. Taking the production chemicals maintenance program out of your equation so you can focus on producing.




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At Flatirons Production Chemicals Services, we continue to wow our customers!


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Who we are

When choosing Flatirons Chemicals you can trust that you are in good hands. With a culture of integrity you can be confident that we will deliver on our promises. Every team member has one goal, to provide you with the best product and service at the best value.

Ed Aabak

Managing Director

In addition to a Chemical Engineering Degree from University of Alberta, Ed has spent over 40 years in Oil & Gas and currently serves on the boards of several privately held corporations.

Brandon Wamsley

Manager of Business

Brandon has a reputation of environmental stewardship and customer satisfaction, combined with a focused high energy approach to water treatment and Oil Field Chemical Services.

Thomas Wischnewski

Thomas Wischnewski

Operations and Logistics Lead

Tom is a Chemical Engineer with ten years of experience in oil and gas. From District Engineer to Supply Chain Specialist, he has the industry insight to make sure your specific needs are met.

Ron Martin

Chemical Engineer

With over 35 yrs of experience, Roy has established himself as a forward-thinking problem solver with emphasis in the areas of corrosion and deposit control in both water-side and process-side applications.

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