Complete Services For Mobile Frac Water Treatment

Flatirons Chemicals provides a complete range of services for mobile frac water treatment and frac chemicals to increase production and reduce the cost of operations. Our ability to come to your location ensures customization for the approach we recommend in frac water treatment based on the oil well system design and operation. We also consider your short and long-term objectives with regard to well productivity and operation.

We are a trusted professional service with over eight years working with oil and gas production companies across the United States. We are partner with oil and gas companies to offer the best options in customized solutions to the life-cycle needs of their systems. Using the latest in cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art solutions in advanced water treatment, we have become a trusted resource for any oil and gas company focusing on efficiency and cost mitigation.

Our Team

Our team of professionals includes expert engineers in their field of specialization. They are experienced in working in the oil and gas industry and have the ability to customize and tailor mobile wastewater treatment systems to meet the needs of each of our customers. Their expert insight into managing chemical water treatment can result in several different results, including water reuse through recirculation into the well. In other cases, it may result in the disposal of the treated water in an approved location to meet specific requirements and regulations.

We offer advanced water treatment systems that help to extend the life of equipment, piping, systems, and wells, ensuring optimal production and limited downtime. We also offer effective produced water treatment options that meet all standards for frac water recycling requirements. These systems provide an effective option in water treatment systems, while eliminating any concerns about compliance for disposal and recycling of flowback water at any well or production site.

The best option for any oil and gas production site is an initial review of the current system in place. We then design a solution, complete the implementation, and ensure all of our mobile wastewater treatment systems are maintained and monitored for optimal performance and maximum efficiency.